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Winnipeg's Own Money Tree

Money Tree Payday Loans: Your Family Loan Centre in Winnipeg

Money Tree Payday Loans has been providing solutions for your emergency financial needs since 2001. We offer clients throughout Manitoba short-term financial assistance with payday loans and more. Let our mature and friendly staff help you navigate through the simple process of getting a payday loan—we’re always on hand to help!

Family-Friendly Atmosphere

Money Tree Payday Loans provides a businesslike and friendly atmosphere in which to discuss your payday loan. Some payday loan facilities may be in an undesirable part of town or treat you like another number, but Money Tree is different. Our location is in a reputable area of town and we are a child-friendly business with a comfortable and homey atmosphere. We even festively decorate for the holidays, making you feel welcome and dazzling the kids. From our family to yours, we want to give you peace of mind.

Terms & Conditions

Contact us today to discuss qualifications for an easy payday loan. For long-term financial issues, please contact a credit counselling agency.

"To learn more about your rights as a payday loan borrower contact the Consumer Protection Office at 204-945-3800, 1-800-782-0067 or at

Come in for a payday loan


1376 McPhillips St.

Winnipeg, MB R2X 2M4

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